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Meet the Witches & Wizards of Dark Meadows


Your ambassador for the evening and the head of the Boozy Cauldron. Ivy is known to be one of the most powerful witches in Dark Meadows.  With a diverse background on alcoholic potions, she serves as the Profesor of Beverage Arts for Royal Lyons College of Magic. She shares her knowledge of cocktails, history, and magic to the guests of The Boozy Cauldron.


The only dark wizard of the crew. Draven was the leader of the Silver Covenant of Dark Wizards but lost the battle to Royal Forces and was taken as their prisoner. Because of his experience and mastery of many unknown and rare spells and potions, he was not executed but instead put under the wing of Ivy Grey to concoct magical cocktails for the guests of the Boozy Cauldron. He has put his dark past behind him and has since taken ownership as the master mixologist of the Boozy Cauldron.

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The best friend and assistant to Ivy Grey. The two help train new witches and wizards in the arts of beverage, cocktails, and potions. She is said to be of fairy descent. She is mainly responsible for overseeing the staff of witch servers and making sure all the beverages are up to the standards at the Boozy Cauldron.


The grandson of Leonardo Zacarius, one of the original founders of the Boozy Cauldron. Steve is known to be pompous and irrational and most full of himself. But he also makes sure his guests at the Boozy Cauldron are well taken care of as he now serves as the Maître d'hôtel of the Tavern.


The professor of Supernatural Arts at Royal Lyons College of Magical Arts and one of the leaders of their defense. The professor has been involved in many wars and battles against the dark wizards and has proven victorious as one of their leaders. He has been sent by Royal Lyons to work with Ivy and find out and destroy the entity that haunts the Boozy Cauldron.

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