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Dark Magic Potion

A concoction comprised of the juice of charred black lemons, citrus vodka, lemon bitters, and edible gold dust. A favorite amongst the dark wizards.

Dragons Breath


A beverage comprised of pumpkin juice blended with fresh apple cider and enriched with caramel vodka. Served over a cup of dragons ice. The beverage arrives with a cloud of cold smoke.


Butternilla Fizz

The signature drink of the Boozy Cauldron. An aged vanilla beverage fortified with butterscotch and vanilla liquor. Served ice cold and topped with mystical magenta caramel cream. 

Midnight Elixir


A drink based on the Artisan Chocolate shop of Dark Meadows. A finishing drink comprised of dark chocolate vodka, various chocolate liqueurs, and coco cream. Shaken with ice and fresh cream and served with a chocolate drizzle.

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